Deborah Perham - Personal Historian - Company Founder

Deborah is the owner of

A Lifetime Legacy, a company whose mission is to connect generations and preserve family memories through written memoirs, audio slideshows, and video biographies, privately or in workshop settings.


In the 1950s Deborah’s maternal grandmother lost all her personal photographs in a basement flood. There was nothing but left but stories to tell. And there were countless stories. This led

Deborah to become her family's

self-appointed historian.


Memorializing events is in part who Deborah is…


Since the early ‘80s, she has owned a court reporting agency with offices in NYC and on Long Island. In 2012 she decided to move beyond the courtroom and into the living room, establishing “A Lifetime Legacy.” A three-decade career in the court reporting community combined with the fact that she’s a sentimental gal makes for one enthusiastic personal historian. Deborah is proud to be serving as Association of Personal Historians Long Island Chapter Coordinator and as secretary on the executive board of the Association of Personal Historians.


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"Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are growing old."

Andrea DelBene - Videographer/Editor

Andrea DelBene is a 22-year-old filmmaker with unshakeable ambition. She earned a B.A in Film Studies & Production from Hofstra University in 2013 and wears many hats- well.


Andrea has written, directed, edited, produced, shot and cast 11 of her own films (and collaborated on at least two dozen others), some on digital and others on 16 mm film. She has edited film by hand. 

 In her second and third years of college, Andrea received special recognition for two of her student films. Her student film Yonkers (a documentary of her family’s visit to their Italian immigrant grandparents' 5-course dinner) was a 2011 GIAA Film Festival Official Selection. Yonkers won the Audience Favorite Award on its premiere date and also won the Italian American Heritage Award. One of Andrea’s other student films, Food for Roger (a 16mm short film that takes us into the mind of a victim who is bullied) was selected for the Palm Springs International Short Fest Film Market in 2012. And Andrea’s 2010 directorial debut titled First, We Were Lost has become an official music video for the band Fitter.


While Andrea excels in a wide range of areas in film/video production, she primarily considers herself a writer, director, producer, general filmmaking enthusiast and actress. Her long-term goal is to write, direct and act. She feels it is a director’s responsibility to have mastered every single area of film production, which she surely has begun to accomplish by creating so many successful films (sometimes solely by herself).


 Like most great directors, Andrea also has acting experience and has been rewarded entry into the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG-AFTRA). Andrea has recently acted alongside Christopher Walken in his current feature film, When I Live my Life Over Again as his featured friend. Andrea has also danced alongside Naomi Watts and Amanda Seyfried in While We’re Young, a feature film by Noah Baumbach.


Andrea has been dancing for almost 20 years, competitively and within many different styles. She has won champion titles throughout high school and was a member of her national champion college dance team for a short while, but left the team when she realized that the time commitment would compromise her film career. And a great decision this turned out to be, as Andrea was relentlessly focused throughout her college years, graduated with top academic honors and was able to intern for Killer Films, alongside Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler as a script reader/ analyst (recent films include Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe). Andrea also interned for Silvercup Studios and the Hamptons International Film Festival. In her senior year of college, Andrea became a crewmember on Lisa Hammer’s feature film/ musical comedy, The Sisters Plotz (starring Eve Plumb and writer/artist, Lisa Ferber), and it didn’t take long before Andrea was promoted to Co-Producer and Dance Choreographer (as well as a supporting actress).


Now, one year out of college, Andrea has been running her own videography business, which she does in between SAG work and writing a feature film.  Andrea has created countless video biographies for clients. She loves what she does and takes tremendous pride in every step of her work.


Andrea also recently teamed up with screenwriter, JoDa Hodge and is Co-Producing JoDa’s (already) award winning Television series, Departed Harvest, a hippie crime drama styled similarly to Lost and Breaking Bad.


Andrea is a people-person who loves a great laugh and considers herself nerdy, enjoying astrophysics and philosophy in her free time. She has been with her boyfriend for nearly 8 years, all throughout high school and college, and couldn’t be more grateful for him and the love and support from her family and friends.


It is Andrea’s mission to change the world and bring happiness to the lives of others in whatever ways she can. Andrea strives to create films that “entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire. And of course- live on forever.” 


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Barbara Tomasetti - Office Manager



Barbara has been managing offices and organizing busy calendars for the past 42 years.  She's a highly effective hands-on team player, keeping everything moving and on schedule. 

Welcome to my site.

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