Virtually Anywhere University was developed as an outlet for Deborah’s passion for mentoring and assisting independent contractors, small business owners, and individuals just starting out in their careers. Over the past 30 years she has hired and been fortunate to work with a top-notch staff. That didn’t happen by accident. Deborah shares techniques for success by conducting on-land and on-line classes, individually or in group settings.



Of course in her role as family/personal historian, there are the popular "Your Life, Your Story, Your Words" memoir writing classes, guiding individuals through the process of recording their family history, and also "Last Writes" classes, writing your own obituary (it's not as morbid as you might think!).  


In addition to the Memoir Writing and "Last Writes" classes, popular classes include Soc!al Med!a Isn't a Four-Letter WordSocial Media for Business, Techniques for Getting/Staying Organized, Interviewer/Interviewee Techniques, and Being an Independent Contractor a Company Wants to Hire.  (Hint:  It's not just skill.  It's loyalty, reliability, *smart*, quality work, all resulting in the best possible outcome for your company and ultimately your career path.) Read testimonials from past class participants.


Large and small firms also benefit by team-building group sessions. Through years of observing office dynamics and personalities, both in urban and suburban settings, Deborah is proud of the techniques she has developed, having built professional relationships lasting three decades. Classes will be tailored to suit your specific team's needs. Deborah may be reached at

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Welcome to my site.

I'm Deborah Tomasetti Perham, a family and personal historian. I'll help you preserve your treasured family stories, photographs, and recipes.

Call 631-605-1799 or email me:

I look forward to working with you...        as partners in time.

Connect generations & preserve memories. It's your legacy. Pass it on.

I'm available "virtually" anywhere.  We can meet in person throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.  


To start preserving your family history, call 631-605-1799, or email me to schedule your appointment.


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Link your photos, stories, and audios to over 3.3 billion ancestor records in the official family tree of human kind,

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